Back on it

September 27, 2017 thefor35 3

Let me start with an apology…I’m sorry. Really sorry. Recently, I have found myself becoming incredibly busy with investigations (more of that later), and personal […]

Is there anybody there?

January 24, 2017 thefor35 4

Anyone like me, who has a fascination with the paranormal, can’t help but become frustrated, perplexed and downright annoyed at the use of poor pseudo-scientific […]

Going it alone

December 2, 2016 thefor35 0

Picture the scene. I’m sat at home, complete with noise cancelling headphones, replaying every noise, bump, yawn, inane chat and muffled noise that I’d captured […]

Spirit boxes…really?

November 28, 2016 thefor35 3

Rather frequently, I find myself ranting about paranormal equipment and methods. I don’t mean to. I just can’t help it! Yesterday, I watched a group, […]

Only fools rush in

October 16, 2016 thefor35 2

Sooner or later, while investigating a location, you will undoubtedly experience phenomena which will get your heart pumping. A little like Janine, the secretary in […]

Ouija Las Vegas

September 24, 2016 thefor35 1

As the title suggests, using a Ouija board could be a gamble, right? After all, by using one you are allowing spirits to open up […]