Calm down with the kit!  


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23/02/2017 3:15 pm  

The best piece of advice I can give is not to get carried away buying loads of unproven equipment when starting out. You only truly need yourself, a notepad, a voice recorder and either a camera or a camcorder to capture auditory or visual phenomena. 

Avoid buying spirit boxes, EMF meters, ouija boards, dowsing rods, crystals etc. 

Also do your research! Find out exactly how your kit works. For instance, do you know the pros and cons with using something like a K2 meter?

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04/03/2017 10:16 am  

I don't disagree.

I possess all the shiney stuff and I've even been known to get the latest technology, but really just to learn about the device / software - you can't criticise something without having experience of it (although this don't stop some people).

Around 2004 I decided to go back to basics and, since then, we just restrict ourselves to a pen and notepad (ok, more than one), a quality audio recording device and a digital SLR (to take photographs of the location, nothing else).

Sure, we have other equipment that we can draw upon if the situation demands it, but we've never found that we've needed anything else than the basic as we take our journey.

Less is more, everyone else can play at being toy soldiers.

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