The essential equipment list for investigations

A notepad and pencil

The humble notepad and pencil. Document everything in detail throughout your investigation. Log data, witness statements, timings etc. 

Digital voice recorders

Ensure that you use a number of voice recorders throughout a location to capture anomalous noises/EVP's etc. Preferable choose a quality recorder with an external microphone. 


Whether you're using a handheld camcorder with nightvision capability, Go Pro cameras or Wildlife cameras, capturing video evidence is a must while on an investigation. 

Thermal imaging camera

With the FLIR One thermal imaging camera attachment, viewing and recording thermal images of your location is straightforward. 

MEL meter

The MEL meter - used to accurately measure ambient temperature and EMF levels. 


Pick up the slightest of vibrations or movement on a surface using a geophone. 


The simple torch. Not for 'spirit communication'. To see where you're going. Take plenty of spare batteries too. 

Trigger objects

A simple, cheap paranormal experiment. Set down a trigger object, draw around the outline of the object onto plain paper and seal off the room or location. Return later to see if it has been moved.