Paranormal experiments

Welcome to this litter corner of the website dedicated to simple paranormal experiments that you can contribute to and be a part of. Without further ado, why not go down to my first experiment - The Empty Chair


The Empty Chair

Many people claim that simply by looking at an image, they can somehow psychically connect with it and are able to provide names, dates, historical facts and other details that may be pertinent to a paranormal investigation. Whether you believe yourself to be a psychic, sensitive, empath, skeptic or someone just plain interested in the paranormal, why not take a look at the image below and record in the comments section anything that you might 'pick up'. Try to answer the following simple questions:

Is the location haunted?
If so, who is haunting the location? Adult or child?
Can you pick up on any names associated with the location?
How many spirits are linked with the location?
Is it haunted by one person? A group?


I will of course, in a future post, reveal the details of this location and whether or not, this location is haunted. Until then, have a go and send me your comments. Many thanks!